Golf balls – So many choices, so little time…

What is the best ball if I am a beginning or a higher handicap golfer? 
Read the reviews for new golf balls and you will find words like – Tetrahedal, icosahedral, polybtadine, ionomeric, trionomer.  These are words you would expect to hear from Walter White of Breaking Bad describing his illegal activities, but they show up in the reviews of why one golf ball is better than another.   How do we sift through the technology and media promotion to find the best golf balls for beginners?

Tour players hit a certain ball; their ball must be the best for my game!
 You would not think of driving to work in Jimmie Johnson’s race car so why would you believe that a tour player’s golf ball is the best for your new game? The tour balls that are shown in close up on television each weekend are designed for the player that makes contact with the golf ball with swing speeds from 109 – 114 MPH. With less club head speed these balls are actually shorter than many of the other balls available to players with lower club head speeds.  These tour balls are made of three to five layers, have a soft cover which allows the best players in the world to put more spin on the ball and allows for better ball control. Spin is what keeps the ball up in the air but it is also what causes the ball to curve to the right or left (slice or hook). Not a great idea for the beginning golfer.

Qualities of a Good Beginner Golf Ball

So what ball is the new or higher handicap is looking for? 
What are the best golf balls for beginners? If new to the game or you have a higher handicap,  you are looking for a ball that doesn’t spin as much off of the club, is very durable (as we will be losing some balls as we play) and one that doesn’t break the bank. The perfect ball type for these players, the ball type that is going to compliment their game and is going to be easy on change purse is the two piece ball.

About Pieces of a beginner golf ball

Pieces, what are pieces? 
There are different “parts” of golf ball construction; these parts are called “pieces”. Balls are in the Two Piece, Three Piece Hybrid, and 3, 4 or 5 Piece Performance Category. Here’s how it shakes out!

Two Piece Golf Balls

Two Piece Golf Balls
These balls make up the majority of the golf ball market and these balls are constructed with a solid rubber core surrounded by a plastic or urethane cover. These balls are considered to be distance balls and they contribute to game improvement due to the fact that these balls spin quite a bit less off the club face and due to this spin rate will travel longer distances plus the effect of sidespin (hook or slice) is lessened. Furthermore, due to the harder covers these balls are much more durable than the other categories. These are also known as value golf balls.

Three Piece Golf Balls

Three Piece Hybrid Balls
Hybrid balls have the same solid core as the two piece balls; however, they have a mantle layer between the core and the outer cover. The construction of these balls allows the manufacturers to adjust the core and mantle layers to offer greater or less performance (read spin) characteristics of these balls.

3,4,or5 Piece Performance Golf Balls

These balls utilize a “dual core” design layers and a very thin mantle layer that allows low handicappers and golf professionals(players with high swing speeds) to achieve low initial spin ratios on longer shots and high iron spin off of the irons for increased control. These balls are also known as “Tour Balls” and allow the ball to react as it does on television on the weekends.

What to Purchase when looking for Best Golf Balls for Beginners

Golf Balls for Beginners - Titleist ProV1Titiest Prov1 Golf Balls

The Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball provides even softer feel, making it the softest Pro V1x yet. Golfers will also benefit from the Pro V1x’s longer distance due to lower driver and long game spin, and a more shallow angle of descent that produces more roll.



Golf Balls for beginners - BridgestoneBridgestone e5 Golf Balls

Softest multi-layer golf ball available reduces side spin for increased accuracy. A great ball for beginners!



Best Golf Balls for Beginners - Callaway HEX DiabloCallaway HEX Diablo

The 2-piece Callaway HEX Diablo promotes high ball speed with low spin for a longer and more accurate shot. Great price for a good starter ball!

Best Golf Balls for Beginners - Srixon Sof FeelSrixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

The Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls provide players with exactly that – a soft feel.  Ideal for a wide range of players, especially with low swing speeds.

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