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  Golf Fitness In 1996 the professional golf scene changed with the introduction of  Stanford University golfer Eldrick Woods. Tiger as he is known changed the face and work ethic of golf bringing a work out routine and regimen that had never been experienced at the tour level. After unequaled success, many tour players reevaluated their fitness program to keep up with the best player in the game. This fitness movement has filtered down to golfers of all abilities. Many players work out on their own or with a trainer and more recently with larger programs such as the Titleist Performance Institute. What almost all players find is that they play better, can practice longer and their lives overall improve due to these fitness programs. 

Here are a  couple of items I have worked with recently to fend off "father time"  

                  Golf After 50: Playing Without Pain  by Terry W. Hensle and David Chmiel Golf Flex:

                  The Complete Workout: Flexibility and Strength Conditioning for Better Golf

                   Skilz Golf Trainer Ball

Tal Buchanan PGA Life Member

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Golf Fitness

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Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness

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