Grade Scale

Golf Balls Galore is proud of our grading system and the value we deliver with each grade. Our technicians have many years of experience and their golf ball grading is unmatched in the industry. As with most items you purchase – if the price seems too good to be true you will probably not be happy with the product! We could lower our price, but we would have to lower our standards and we will not jeopardize your satisfaction with our product. What you get with Golf Balls Galore is the very best quality for the price.


  •  A grade Used Golf Balls
    Our Top-quality recycled golf balls are the best available grade and are the choice for many golfers regardless of skill level. Balls are like new, it’s hard to believe they are used! Please note that this grade can have some small user marks (markings players place on their ball for identification), may also have corporate logos This grade is shiny and will play like new.


  • Value Grade Used Golf Balls
    Our Value Grade Balls have small to moderate surface blemishes and minor to moderate ink marks. None of the surface marks or blemishes should affect the performance of the ball. Many of these balls just missed being a A grade, for they have a very slight two toning of the shade of white. Very playable, good condition golf balls. This is a great value ball and is great for those golfers who lose more balls than they would like to admit, but still want to play a good-looking ball. This grade is shiny and will play like new.


  • Value Grade II Used Golf Balls
    This is the only grade that has any x-outs or store-line (SL) balls in them. The x-outs and SL balls could be anywhere to new looking down to being a dull ball and can have scuffs. You will find all kinds of balls in this grade. The balls will be a mix of all sorts. The golf balls are very playable. This is our lowest grade we consider to be a playable ball and is perfect for occasional or beginner golfers. This Grade has a mix of shiny and dull balls.


  • Very Important Concerning all our Grades
    Many golf balls that are lost and found have logos on them. We do not consider a logo from a Country Club or from a Corporation to have any effect on the playability of a golf ball, and therefore we do not down grade any ball that has a logo on it. For this reason, you may find logo golf balls in any of our grades. We do our best to not overload any bag of balls with too many logo balls unless the customer requests logos.