Marathon Srixon Range Balls 1-PC White



Condition: NEW

20 Dozen Srixon Range Balls 1-PC White per box (240 balls)

In the long run, you will save a lot of money with this ball. This 83-compression one-piece ball will last up to four times the lifespan of comparable two-piece balls. These balls are stamped “limited range” but the indepedent testing shows 3% – 4% decrease distance on drivers carrying 261 yards. It’s not a bad trade for the most durable range ball that you can buy!

If you do not have a high lost driving range, you will notice that the Marathon Srixon Range 1-PC White ball will outlast any 2-pc ball on the market today!

The Marathon Srixon Range Ball 1-PC white will be the best one-piece range ball that you ever hit. These balls maintain their condition and seemingly last forever. 

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